KBB vs Reality

While KBB can be very helpful sometimes it is not accurate. The system is flawed it just isn’t fast enough to keep up with today’s car buying. When you see used cars going for well over what KBB deems a fair market value it makes you wonder what is going on. From what i have learned KBB only updates every odd month so the data is very old. Really the bottom line is that you can use KBB as a guide but really it comes down to simple economics what is the current supply and demand in the market. I visited a used car dealership recently and they had three vehicles on there lot total. That was it, usually they have 30+ vehicles on there lot. The owner couldn’t get the used vehicles for a price where he thought he could sell them at. Even new car dealerships in town have a supply issue, there lots look like a ghost town. My advice is if you can wait for this market to sort itself out don’t buy now if you can help it the market is a sellers market not a buyers market. Good luck and let us know if we can help in anyway.

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